Team R&S 

FORMS & Documents


Daily Tracking Sheet
   New Momentum Sheet (EXCEL FORMAT)
    New Momentum Sheet (PDF FORMAT)

Time Management
  Time Management Tracking

Names list Tracking
 Possibility List ( excel)

      Expense Tracking Form
      Event Tracking Form

Customer Management
- PC Bonus Card(in Word Format)
- PC Card(in Word Format)

      Creating A Goal Statement
      Creating an Action Plan
      Base 10 7 Strong

Skillset Materials

Skillset Building

Developing a Names List
 How to Create a Names list

Developing Conversational Skillset
What is it? & Why
 Examples if What is it/ What do you Do
MA Abbreviation And Verbiage 
FORM : General
FORM : How to carry out A Conversation    

    Making Calls
    Texting Basic 101
    Examples Of Call Script

 Social Media Marketing
 Getting Started With Social Media
 Social Media Marketing

Sharing the Business

Showing The Business Plan
Steps on Sharing the Business(PDF)
Steps on Sharing the Business(WORD)

Sharing Open Mind
Webportal Walkthru

Cashflow Quardrant

Converting Spending to Earning