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Audio And Video
Welcome to Team R&S.  This page will have audio and video training design to help you expedite your learning curve.  It is divide into business training and basic product training. 

Business audios have been divided into 3 parts. The first is audio prepare our business owners of the Network Marketing industry  The 2nd audio is to help our new UnFranchise Owners understand the logic behind the compensation plan that our Founder/CEO James Riddinger created.  The final audio set are lists of Audio from trainers in our company to help New UnFranchise Owners get an understanding, how to effectively and successfully build it the UnFranchise.

Products audio is design to help you understand fundamental of basic products you can learn and use.  Take your time to learn it.

Here are links to audios you can download to listen to. 
First 90 Days Audio: Selected to go with your 12 weeks training plan

UnFranchise Menofesto

Complete Selection of MA Audio For new UFOs

Recommended Non MA Audio for New UFO

Here is the suggested book List for self development :  Book LIst

Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity

Web Portal Walkthrough

Shopping Annuity Play List

Product Training For New UFO